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Important Information

New Business Terms

As you already know HYPO21 is a cosmetically licenced and dermatologically tested Skin Spray which is Organic, Natural and Vegan hence why is more of a luxury brand with a fantastic track record of what it can do for the clients and a very good price tag with a very healthy profit margin for our stockist partners and a fantastic customer service.


In recent weeks it has come to our attention that some of our partners are advertising and offering substantially lower prices than our RRP which can be damaging to HYPO21 brand and effect our other partner’s businesses also. 


To avoid a price war we have commitment from our respected partners not to sell HYPO21 on Amazon or eBay or any other such platforms except their own websites so to alleviate damage to our brand and protect our stockist profitability.


Therefore, we are introducing a new term of business for our stockist partners. Stockists are respectfully requested to adhere to our RRP as per the list below or more on all their marketing platforms and advertising materials please. Alternatively, to protect HYPO21 brand and our other partner’s interest we will suspend any retailer’s account who chooses otherwise, and instead offer them a 10% discount on our retail website to purchase and sell at the RRP and still enjoy a small profit.


The free gift items are a bonus to our partners to increase their profitability and therefore the free gift offers are also subject to our standard RRP terms. Please DO NOT give free HYPO21 samples or gifts away as this devalues our product and can potentially end up on Ebay and other Mass Marketplaces, which we are trying very hard to avoid.


We often mystery shop our Stockist Partners, this is extremely important to protect our brand and the interest of all our stockist partners.


We have noticed that a few of our partners have posted about HYPO21 on their social media platforms and they are apologetic about the price. When you are selling a very high-quality product that can potentially make a difference in someone’s quality of life and benefit their whole family in so many ways, YOU DO NOT NEED TO APOLOGIES FOR THE PRICE.


RRP’s are as follows:

HYPO21 100ml £52.99

HYPO21 Mini Gift Set £65.50

HYPO21 Mister £16.99

HYPO21 Candle £14.99



We know the world is full of choices.

Thank you for choosing us and being a loyal customer.

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